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The Dalma Deliciousness Of Puri

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Dalma is one of the famous dishes from Odia cuisine, beside pakhala, rasagulla and chennapoda. Dalma is ever-present, whether it is a home cooked lunch, at a restaurant famous for Odia cuisine, a wedding or a temple prasad, it is widely eaten and accepted. Dalma and rice generates nostalgia and emotions among many Odias staying outside the state as well.

In this image, it is the dalma of lord Jagannth Temple, Puri.

“Dalma is a very healthy dish, with the proteins which comes from the arhar lentils, vitamins and fibres from the veggies and carbs from the potatoes. No doubt it's every mother’s go-to dish for any meal of the day. It does have many regional varieties. For example, the temple cooked dalma does not contain potatoes and tomatoes as they are not originally local veggies (read bilayati or foreign). Or Habisa Dalma which predominantly is made up of moong dal and cooked only on auspicious days.”

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