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Balighai Beach, Konark

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The long stretched Balighai Beach is situated on the Puri-Konark Marine drive road and is at a distance of 8 kilometres from Puri. The beach is flanked by trees like casuarinas, Alaska, and Eucalyptus that provide a nice green blanket. Just adjacent to the beach is stationed the Sea Turtle Research Centre, where one could find the large turtles fluttering around in their tanks and the Balihirana Sanctuary, which has the protected and endangered Balihirana antelopes. Both these places are a great option for animal lovers and photography fanatics. So, make sure on your visit to Puri, you experience the pure bliss of nature and explore this heavenly paradise on earth as it proffers a welcome relief and retreat for the tourists and visitors.

Location: Balighai Beach,Puri

Activities/Attractions: Sightseeing, photography, swimming, surfing, parasailing, sun bathing, and walking.”

Balighai Beach is one of the well-maintained and serene beaches in this part of Puri and is an enchanting sight to watch the waves crash on the low lying rocks below and admire the golden rays of the setting sun from the many sunset points. The many luxury and eco-resorts, cottages, and secluded retreats situated here make it a perfect destination for holiday seekers who can also enjoy the innumerable fun activities like a long stroll by the coastline, sunbathing, beach volleyball, handball, and swimming. Unlike most other beaches in Puri, this beach is secluded and not thronged by crowds, and has thus managed to retain its beauty and serenity. It is most preferred by the local fishermen for fishing, and you can always watch them in action and spot many ships far out in the sea, which makes for a beautiful view from the shore.

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